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Finite Element Analysis (FEA) Engineer

Netherlands, Zuid-Holland, Rijswijk / DelftEngineering

Job description

Do you not get fatigued by spending some of your life time on simulations? Don’t you get stressed from mechanical optimization? Do you want to use your strength to materialize high-tech mechanical devices? Join the IMSystems team as Finite Element Analysis (FEA) engineer!

The technology on which you will make an impact

The Archimedes Drive will be able provide accuracy and high torque for many years in the customers’ applications, and at the same time it must be compact and light weight. The drive transmits torque through traction between steel cylinders. Some of these are hollow, to act as spring and generate the required normal force on the traction surface. Bending stress, hertzian contact stress and surface traction stress are accumulated in the complex geometry. On top, the contact mechanics, microslip and local creep behavior are playing an important role in wear and fatigue.

Your challenge

Improving lifetime requires optimization in shape, material and material treatments and even lubricant choice. You will optimize existing drives and you will support the design engineers in the initial design stage. You will use programming, modelling and simulation techniques to reach your goals. In addition you will use existing test data to validate and improve the models. Furthermore you will take initiative in setting up new tests.

Do it together

At IMSystems we do believe in the power of teamwork. You will be working in close collaboration with the other R&D engineers, but also with the design and test engineers. We will discuss new ideas, criticize each other’s work, and brainstorm on the engineering focus areas for the next year. We do that in a harmonious and safe atmosphere, with normal office hours and we offer a competitive salary. We envision that having healthy and happy colleagues will enable the whole team to make the impossible possible.

The core tasks in short:

  • Build finite element and boundary element models and use those for fatigue analysis.
  • Write code to combine strengths of modeling environments.
  • Use optimization techniques to improve lifetime and reduce weight and size.
  • Choose the right materials and lubricants to improve lifetime and support these choices with simulation.

We offer:

  • Competitive salary.
  • Share participation (each employee shares in the company’s success).
  • A job with diversity in projects.
  • A job where you can be creative while working on mechanical designs.
  • Stimulating professional development with opportunities for personal growth.
  • An amazing group of colleagues, working together to enable a mechatronics revolution with a giant leap forward in speed-reducer technology.

About IMSystems

IMSystems is a fast growing and energetic Dutch startup with a small enthusiastic team. Together we have the ambition to spark the next technological revolution with our Archimedes Drives, especially in the field of industrial robotics. We envision the team members to grow with the company, to build IMSystems and enable personal growth of the employees at the same time and at the same pace. Everyone’s voice is heard, there is a flat hierarchy and input from everyone is valued. We do believe this mentality forms the base of our growth and successes. Interested? Apply today!

Job requirements

We ask:

  • BSc/MSc working and thinking level
  • Minimum experience of 5 years in fatigue modeling and contact mechanics.
  • Knowledge of materials, programming and FEA.
  • Fluent in English or fluent in Dutch while being able to exercise general communication in English (also holds for technical language)


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